Zeola Gaye

Radio is the doorway for the town crier to tell his audience what happening in our community. It was the joy of my life to be a messenger of information.

The photo above is an interview with the Zee Gaye, the sister of Marvin Gaye. Her family brought me a letter penned by her famous brother written in the 80's before my leaving KJLH. Zee held on to the letter for over 10 years, and when I surfaced on the air again, I was contacted letting me know they had the letter and would like to present it to me.

KJLH Radio

Ted TerryIn 1975 I joined a radio station in Los Angeles, California. The call letters K.J.L.H, which today still implies, Kindness, Joy, Love, and Happiness in the minds of million of fans.  It was an interesting time the seventies, and eighties in Los Angeles, we were younger then, still learning how to live life. .

Kindness Joy Love Happiness

KJLH was owned by John Lamar Hill, until Stevie Wonder purchased it in 1978, when "Radio Vision, Watch With Your Ears" was the slogan of the time.Levi

I had a wonderful experience meeting some great people, some popular, and some not so popular, but no less important.

The Station

Tony ValdezWorking with some impressive radio announcers was a plus, listening to those cats play their brand of Kindness, Joy, Love, and Happiness over the airway was a learning experience.  The Gemini King Oliver,  Langley Patterson,  Lawrence Tanter,  Levi Booker,  Tony Valdez

  King Oliver Lawrence Tanter      

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