Well America as you know we just added a new chapter of Suspense to our election.

RecountIt's called the Jill Stein recount. Dr Stein has raised more than 7 million dollar $ to do this. Just to give you an idea of how huge this is, that's more money than she was able to raise during her whole campaign as the nominee for President of the United States by the Green Party. This is unprecedented in our history. So as with so much else in our election it is time to rethink the unthinkable.

        If by chance the 3 state election recount hinged on a 537 vote victory what would happen? This is not pulling out a number randomly. This is the amount that got Bush to take Florida in 2000. So the point that I was getting to was what happens if the recount came back with less than a 1000 vote difference in all 3 states and it was about 400 here, maybe 500 there and maybe 600 there in Secretary Clinton's favor?

        Let's take a step back and look at " The DONALD ". He's done his victory speech and dance. He has picked his Chief Advisor and Chief of Staff. He now has the option of getting full, unabridged daily intelligence briefings. Putin is his new BFF and his wife can head to the White House to start measuring curtains and choosing designers. He has totally named and claimed his new career. What if, just what if Donald Trump simply said " I'm not going? " What if Trump's Twitter account just blows up with one defiant " I told you the election was rigged " statement after another and he dug his heels into the front page of the New York Times and said " I'm not going? "

        Well historically speaking we go to the Supreme Court and get the final ruling from them. Right? That's what we did in 2000. Well maybe not, not this time. It just so happens that the Supreme Court has had a vacancy since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February 2016. So if the court rules along Liberal, Conservative lines we would find ourselves in an unprecedented Constitutional Crises. For the first time in our history we have a leader that has never led whose main advisor ( Steve Bannon ) has never politically advised and has been quoted by the Daily Beast as saying " I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of todays establishment. "

  Supreme Court      In theory, President Obama could make a recessed appointment and have a Justice on the Court until a new one could be appointed. This would break the tie but a Republican dominated Senate would be most unappreciative. Secondly since every President starting with John Adams who was sworn in by Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth in 1797, has been sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Court. What would happen if Chief Justice Roberts ( a Republican Appointee ) just flat out refused to swear Hilary Clinton in?

        Democracy like any other relationship is not judged by how you deal with the good times. It is judged by how you deal with the challenging  times.

        The Struggle is Never Over,
          The Movie Never Really Finishes,
            There Is Only Intermission.

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